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Atlas Public Policy is working with over 125 stakeholders from NGOs, companies, state and local public officials, and Clean Cities Coalitions to provide a one-stop-shop for information on state activities related to the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. Our goal is to save people time and more effectively allocate resources to work on this important effort.

States have a rare opportunity to make significant progress on reducing harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from mobile sources through the use of funds from the Volkswagen Settlement. Though emissions sources vary by state, light-duty vehicles are the single largest mobile source of NOx emissions in the United States. Encouraging the deployment of EVs is an effective way to reduce NOx emissions and for states to meet other environmental goals. Appendix D of the settlement established a $2.7 billion Environmental Mitigation Trust allocated proportionally to each state and to be administered by a court-appointed Trustee. The Trust allows for a 15 percent allocation to fund light-duty zero emission vehicle infrastructure.

Atlas setup a Microsoft SharePoint site—we call it the EV Hub— to share with all stakeholders. On the site, we’re tracking activities in the states on the VW settlement related to EV charging and sharing EV market data that we already collect. The website contains information on key contacts in each state, notable events, next steps, and a general assessment of a state’s work to use funds from the trust for EV charging. The site aggregates this information in an easy-to-use dashboard to quickly find what you’re looking for (see the screenshot on the right). For the benefit of the EV community, the website also includes many data dashboards on the EV market that Atlas uses for its work.

Over the next several months, Atlas will also be helping groups on the ground through ad hoc calls and information sharing. To reiterate, the scope of this work is limited to the use of funds from the Trust for EV charging infrastructure.

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After you fill out the web form, we’ll share the site with your email address. Next, you should receive an email invitation from Nick Nigro. In that email, you have to click on the link that says Read Group Files to be granted access to the SharePoint site. If your organization uses Microsoft Office 365, then you’ll be able to log in using your work email and password. Otherwise, you’ll need to create a Microsoft account with your work email address, which should only take about a minute or two. If you have any trouble let us know.

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