U.S. Passenger Vehicle Electrification Infrastructure Assessment


Atlas Public Policy research shows that to put the nation on the path to full electrification and achieve 100 percent passenger electric vehicle sales by 2035, over $87 billion in investments in charging infrastructure will be needed over the next decade, including $39 billion for public charging. The need for consistent charging [...]

U.S. Passenger Vehicle Electrification Infrastructure Assessment2021-08-27T20:52:03-04:00

Transportation Electrification in North Carolina


Increased EV adoption across all vehicle classes is critical if North Carolina is to meet its transportation electrification and climate goals. On-road vehicles are the leading source of greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions in the state and emissions from commercial vehicles in particular disproportionately harm marginalized communities. North Carolina’s EV market [...]

Transportation Electrification in North Carolina2021-02-17T13:13:26-05:00

Transportation Electrification Toolkit for Connecticut


The Transportation Electrification Toolkit helps Connecticut municipalities develop strategies to encourage transportation electrification through the pairing of electric vehicles and residential solar photovoltaic systems and electric shared-use mobility solutions. The toolkit consists of summaries of each transportation electrification concept, a case study of the concept from outside Connecticut, and potential approaches to deploy the [...]

Transportation Electrification Toolkit for Connecticut2018-03-09T13:51:46-05:00

Insights from the EV Market in 2016


At Atlas, we track markets from all sides—product sales, consumer sentiment, public policy, and the media—which gives us a comprehensive look at what's going on. Here, we’ll go through our key takeaways from the electric vehicle market in 2016. The visuals you see were all created using the EV Hub, a product Atlas created [...]

Insights from the EV Market in 20162020-12-01T14:58:09-05:00
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