Project Description

For many years, states have played an integral role in identifying effective methods to advance the deployment of low-carbon transportation fuels for passenger vehicles, freight trucks, buses, and other vehicles. The policy framework to support these clean technologies can vary greatly by state and stakeholders must consider local market conditions in the strategic planning process.

Atlas Public Policy is working with the Connecticut Green Bank and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection on the Green Bank’s strategy to accelerate alternative fuel vehicle deployment in the state. Atlas began with a market potential assessment of various alternative fuels and vehicles tailored to local conditions in Connecticut. Atlas then identified promising electric mobility concepts, including electric vehicle shared-use mobility, the pairing of electric vehicles and residential solar, and high-powered electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Atlas is exploring these concepts as part of a strategic planning process for the Connecticut Green Bank to help the Green Bank define its role in growing the alternative fuel vehicle market in the state.

This project began in early 2016 and will continue through 2018.

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