Project Description

EV Smart Fleets seeks to address barriers to electric vehicle adoption for public fleets by aggregating state and local fleet electric vehicle purchases through a multi-state aggregated solicitation and procurement agreement. Atlas Public Policy along with our non-profit partners, the California Department of General Services, and several Clean Cities Coalitions seek to:

  • Accelerate electric vehicle adoption by public fleets;
  • Lower the purchase price of electric vehicles for public fleets by at least 15 percent through volume purchases and creative financing and ownership tools; and
  • Increase access to a wider range of electric vehicle models and favorable prices for electric vehicle charging stations.

Atlas is conducting research and analysis on innovative procurement concepts that will accomplish the project goals. Atlas is also creating a procurement evaluation tool to test these various concepts and equip public agencies with decision-relevant information on the value of participating in the aggregated fleet procurement.

The project will culminate in a nationwide vehicle procurement in 2017 led by the State of California.

Visit the EV Smart Fleets website