Project Description

Making the Case for Smart, Shared, and Sustainable Mobility Services, a U.S. Department of Energy-funded project, seeks to identify effective pathways to accelerate the electrification of shared mobility services. The project, co-led by the City of Seattle and Atlas Public Policy and begun in early 2018, brings together the U.S. Department of Energy and major industry stakeholders with the cities of Seattle, New York, Portland, and Denver to test different electric shared mobility interventions.

In addition to managing the project, Atlas will create the EV Shared Mobility Playbook, which will summarize the findings from the interventions, compare and analyze the cities’ results, and identify factors that affect the success of shared mobility electrification programs. The Playbook will be a resource for other cities or organizations that are considering pilot programs for electrification in shared mobility spaces. Additionally, Atlas will develop tools to be featured on the Playbook to better understand the costs, risks, and process of electrifying. Resources collected by Atlas will include a business case analysis tool, applicable literature, and case studies. The project will be a leading example with clear lessons learned on how to successfully develop future interventions for smart, shared, and sustainable mobility.

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This project began in late 2017 and will conclude in late 2021.