Atlas Public Policy’s mission is to equip businesses and policymakers to make strategic, informed decisions through the greater use of technology that aggregates publicly available information. Atlas arms our audience with the information necessary to encourage the use of new technologies and products along with changes in consumer behavior.

Public data is flooding the internet at an unprecedented pace. Collecting and interpreting that information is a key challenge for policymakers looking to address the social problems of today, and for businesses looking to offer solutions. Too often, this information is obscured, hidden behind paywalls, or otherwise inaccessible – requiring government, industry, and non-profits to waste valuable time and resources. If left unchecked, these challenges will intensify as an increasingly aware and critical public scrutinizes the use of public funds.

As industry, policymakers, and non-profits become increasingly interdependent on publicly available information, the need for sophisticated technology to interpret that information grows. To address emerging societal challenges, policymakers must develop and implement policies and regulations that encourage the use of new technology and products as well as changes in consumer behavior. Businesses must grow new markets for their products that overcome entrenched interests.

Atlas Key Focus Areas

  • Access: Collect and disseminate publicly available information.

  • Interpret: Create technology to spur insights and conduct data-driven analyses.

  • Empower: Strengthen policymakers, businesses, and non-profits’ ability to meet emerging challenges and identify and seize opportunities.


Nick Nigro
Nick NigroFounder

Nick Nigro is the founder of Atlas Public Policy. Nick brings a data-driven approach to the public policy field through the greater use of new technology. He is a nationally-known expert on alternative fuel vehicle financing, policy, and technology. He has led the development of several complex financial and policy analysis tools, convened large groups of diverse stakeholders nationwide, is a frequent public speaker on advanced vehicle technology and other transportation-related energy and environmental issues, and has expert knowledge in web and other computer-related technology. With Atlas, Nick has been working with public agencies, large industries, and advocacy organizations to collect and analyze data from across the internet to inform organizational strategy and create, deploy, and evaluate innovative programs.

Before creating Atlas in early 2015, Nick was the Senior Manager of Transportation Initiatives at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, where he developed C2ES’s strategy to save oil and reduce greenhouse gases from the transportation sector. He led two multi-year initiatives focused on innovative business models and state policy frameworks to accelerate the deployment low-carbon vehicles. While at C2ES, Nick wrote 14 reports on private finance, electric vehicles, lifecycle emissions from vehicle and fuels, federal transportation legislation, ridesharing, and related topics. He also managed a comprehensive report on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. transportation.

In a prior life, Nick spent six years as an engineer and manager in the high-tech industry at Oasis Semiconductor in Waltham, Massachusetts. He was a strategic part of Oasis, helping it grow from 15 to almost 100 employees in under four years, and led projects with the largest impact on company revenue. While at Oasis, Nick developed a reputation for successful and timely client delivery.

Nick holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of California Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Lauren Davis
Lauren DavisSenior Policy Analyst

Lauren Davis is a Senior Policy Analyst at Atlas Public Policy. Lauren uses her knowledge of operations, supply chain, product design, and mechanical design and manufacturing to effectively analyze and develop content solutions. She is currently the content manager for the Atlas EV Hub and works on all data analytics efforts at Atlas. Lauren manages and develops site content, including data, news, and publications, for the Atlas EV Hub platform, a one-stop shop for information on transportation electrification in the United States. She also conducts ad hoc analyses on transportation programs and policies for electric utility, public sector, and nonprofit sector customers.

Lauren began her foray into the policy space at Energy Solution as a Codes and Standards Intern where she performing research and analysis, including CBECC-Com energy modeling, to support recommendations for next generation of California Codes & Standards. She also wrote comment letters on behalf of California’s Utilities to the Department of Energy in response to a Request for Information related to the Executive Order on reducing regulatory burden, posted in the Federal Register. Lauren also developed a methodology for analyzing potential states to target for expanding the Codes & Standards business.

Lauren worked for nearly three years as a Senior Project Mechanical Engineer at Lutron Electronics Company in both engineering and operations. As a senior project mechanical engineer she completed mechanical design, documentation, and testing of Lumea® Dimmer and Claro® USB Receptacle, developed plastic parts for injection molding, worked with manufacturers to monitor proper mold creation and process, raised flags about potential for high levels of defects in manufacturing of Lumea®, and created a new process with the manufacturer to reduce the probability of this occurring. Lauren also implemented a company-wide process to more efficiently change materials in existing products resulting in significant reduction of line downtime.

Lauren holds a Master of Science in Energy Science, Technology, and Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Conner Smith
Conner SmithPolicy Associate

Conner is a Policy Associate at Atlas Public Policy. Conner draws from his background in energy and resources policy to contribute original content and research to a variety of projects as Atlas. Conner brings his experience as a researcher for the Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All Campaign to research a range of topics including public spending on transportation electrification and electric vehicle policies and incentives. At Atlas, Conner is also responsible for creating the EV Hub weekly digest.

Prior to joining Atlas, Conner also worked as a program associate for the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Climate Initiative where he contributed to the execution of renewable energy transitions in island nations. Here, he worked with partners at the Rocky Mountain Institute to develop strategies to help island nations meet long term renewable energy and climate change mitigation goals. This work included analyses of policy options and recommendations to different government agencies.

Conner holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Policy and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.