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How much should the U.S. invest in public EV charging? $39 Billion

WASHINGTON (April 8, 2021) – A recent analysis by Atlas Public Policy, a DC-based policy and tech firm, demonstrates that to achieve 100 percent passenger electric vehicle sales by 2035 and put the nation on the path to full electrification, over $87 billion in investments in charging infrastructure will [...]

Transportation Electrification is a Key Response to Climate Change, Air Pollution, and COVID-19

WASHINGTON (March 25, 2021) - Atlas Public Policy (Atlas) in partnership with the Alliance for Transportation Electrification published today a research paper, “Air Quality, Climate Change, and COVID-19,” which explores the connections between the pandemic, public health, and emissions, and the role of transportation electrification as a part of the solution. The paper encompasses a broad range of research and [...]

Washington state can electrify nearly all publicly owned vehicles by 2035

WASHINGTON (December 3, 2020) - Atlas Public Policy (Atlas) in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Washington State University (WSU) Energy Program, recently released their study, Electrification Assessment of Public Vehicles in Washington for the Washington State Legislature’s Joint-Transportation Committee. This report assessed Washington’s [...]

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