WASHINGTON (June 14, 2021) – Atlas Public Policy (Atlas) has been given the “Research Award” at the 2021 Forth Roadmap Conference. According to Forth, the award is given to an individual or organization that has “produced compelling research that will significantly advance electric and smart mobility. Atlas received the award for our work on the EV Hub and work we do to advance EV knowledge.

Below are remarks delivered at the conference by Nick Nigro, Atlas’s founder, upon accepting the award:

It’s a real honor to accept this award on behalf of my current and former colleagues at Atlas Public Policy and the broader EV policy community, because without them, EV Hub wouldn’t exist.

Back in 2015, we started working on EV Hub to see if it we could answer this simple question – can tech make it easier for people in policy to do their jobs? I started sharing the idea with colleagues and it resonated with many right away so the list of people who made this happen is long. And I apologize in advance if I’m leaving anyone out.

Before I thank anyone outside of Atlas, however, I want to thank the current and former staff who have put in thousands of hours to build, expand, and maintain the product. It wouldn’t be nearly as a successful of a product if we didn’t have a top-notch policy and technical staff pulling everything together. And that includes, Alexander, Steph, Lauren, Conner, Nicole, Charles, Josh, Spencer, and Sarah.

Now, for folks outside of Atlas. First, I want to think Patty Monahan formerly of Energy Foundation. She was the first person to make an investment in the EV Hub idea. And of course, thanks to Aminah, Alex, and others at the Energy Foundation for your continued financial support! EF has been instrumental in growing our Hub concept to new areas, and we’ll be launching a new hub for Buildings soon.

I also want to thank Gina Coplon-Newfield, Bob Graham, Britta Gross, and Amy Brink for your support in the very early days of EV Hub through some critical convenings and financial support. Your help allowed me to socialize the EV Hub concept with others and build early momentum.

Next, I’d like to thank Adam Ruder and his team at NYSERDA. Through your financial support for our product EValuateNY, you gave Atlas the space to build out some of the early technical concepts related to data modeling and visualizations that made it feasible to build out the first database and dashboards for EV Hub.

I also want to thank EEI, particularly Beck Knox and Kellen Schefter along with Max Baumhefner, Luke Tonachel, and Roland Hwang at NRDC for your essential support for our work on electric utility filings. Our systematic tracking of utility engagement has saved the policy community hundreds and hundreds of hours.

Finally, I want to all the active users of EV Hub. We’re up to nearly 1,100 at this point with the fastest growing user base being private companies in the retail, fleet, and other areas that are becoming integral to a successful EV market.

EV Hub has benefited from the support of NGOs, industry, and government – and it’s still free for any one at a public agency. It’s a true product of the EV policy community and I’m thrilled with how far we’ve come with the product and where we’re headed as we grow the scope of EV Hub and expand our Hub concept to new areas.

Thank you.

Contact Nick Nigro (nick.nigro@atlaspolicy.com) at (202) 750-4314 for more information regarding the award.

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