Atlas Public Policy alongside Evergreen Action, EVHybridNoire and GreenLatinos released a first-of-its-kind report examining the implementation of Justice40 goals in early National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program Plans.

Charging Toward Justice: How States Can Lead on Racial and Economic Equity through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program, analyzes how states incorporated equity and Justice40 principles in their initial NEVI implementation plans, and is designed to inform policymakers ahead of the Federal Highway Administration’s August 1 deadline for states to submit revised plans to the federal government.

NEVI is one of the first Justice40-covered programs to be implemented nationwide and provides an early opportunity to evaluate the critical work that the Biden administration and states need to do in order to ensure that 40 percent of the benefits of certain federal programs flow to disadvantaged communities.

The recommendations included in the report for states’ revised plans were informed by both an analysis of state NEVI plans as well as robust national and local stakeholder interviews. The analysis finds that states varied considerably in how they prioritized equity and public engagement in developing their initial state NEVI plans.

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