Powering fleets with electricity requires a paradigm shift in thinking about secure, resilient fuel supply. The U.S. electrical grid will offer exceptionally reliable fuel supplies for most fleets, allowing them to operate with minimal or manageable disruption. However, fleets—especially those in high outage hazard areas—should develop an understanding of how outage risk might impact them, how they might mitigate risk, and whether backup power is a practical solution.

This report is meant to guide fleets and other stakeholders to understand the challenges, opportunities, and solutions for establishing fuel supply resiliency for their electric trucks. It draws upon lessons from other industries and applies that knowledge to fleet operations, describes the available solutions, discusses risks, provides guidance on how fleets should approach decision making, and outlines the practical concerns of deploying resiliency solutions.

This report was made possible by funding from the Environmental Defense Fund. 

Published On: April, 2024 / Categories: Publications /

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