Benefits of Transportation Electrification in a Post Pandemic World


The first three months of 2021 saw early actions from the Biden Administration and strong commitments to transportation electrification made by automakers, utilities, and other key players in the United States electric vehicle (EV) market. This activity has increased the number and breadth of pathways that policymakers can pursue to accelerate the [...]

Benefits of Transportation Electrification in a Post Pandemic World2021-06-07T08:44:14-04:00

U.S. Passenger Vehicle Electrification Infrastructure Assessment


Atlas Public Policy research shows that to achieve 100 percent passenger electric vehicle sales by 2035 and put the nation on the path to full electrification, over $87 billion in investments in charging infrastructure will be needed over the next decade, including $39 billion for public charging. The need for consistent charging [...]

U.S. Passenger Vehicle Electrification Infrastructure Assessment2021-04-21T18:55:19-04:00

Highway Revenue Assessment Tool


The Highway Revenue Assessment Tool, built in Microsoft Excel, gives users insights into how the road network is funded by motor fuel taxes and how that revenue will change with new market conditions. The tool also allows users to explore scenarios to change motor fuel taxes and fees on electric vehicles [...]

Highway Revenue Assessment Tool2021-03-29T15:52:28-04:00

Air Quality, Climate Change, and COVID-19


COVID-19 and the severe 2020 wildfire season have had an extreme impact on economic, health, and social justice challenges in the United States. Americans continue to contract the virus at elevated rates, contributing to persistent high unemployment and job loss as businesses temporarily and permanently close. These challenges are not distributed equitably [...]

Air Quality, Climate Change, and COVID-192021-03-25T09:00:24-04:00

Electric Utility Filing 2nd 2020 Bi-Annual Update


Since 2012, utility commissions across the country have approved more than $2.6 billion in transportation electrification investments. $1.2 billion, almost half of the all-time total, was approved in 2020 alone. This represents a three-fold increase over the amount approved in 2019 and the largest year on record for approved investments by investor-owned [...]

Electric Utility Filing 2nd 2020 Bi-Annual Update2021-03-01T22:17:52-05:00

Transportation Electrification in North Carolina


Increased EV adoption across all vehicle classes is critical if North Carolina is to meet its transportation electrification and climate goals. On-road vehicles are the leading source of greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions in the state and emissions from commercial vehicles in particular disproportionately harm marginalized communities. North Carolina’s EV market [...]

Transportation Electrification in North Carolina2021-02-17T13:13:26-05:00



EValuateCO is a comprehensive dashboarding tool that provides insight into the current state of vehicle electrification in the state of Colorado. The dashboard allows people to view information on EV deployment, current statewide EV infrastructure, and details on charging use for a selected number of CAC funded stations. It is a great resource for [...]


EV Charging at Multi-Family Dwellings


The U.S. Department of Energy reports that more than 80 percent of electric vehicle charging occurs at home. Approximately 30 percent of U.S. households are multi-family dwellings such as apartments and condos and almost 75 percent of these households have at least one vehicle. For the EV market to reach the entire [...]

EV Charging at Multi-Family Dwellings2021-01-19T23:56:36-05:00

Washington State Fleet Analysis Results Dashboard


As part of Atlas’s 2020 study for the Washington State Legislature Joint Transportation Committee on public vehicle electrification, our project team completed a detailed vehicle-by-vehicle analysis on the total cost of ownership of conventional and electric vehicles for nearly all public vehicles on the road in Washington state. The analysis consisted of more than four [...]

Washington State Fleet Analysis Results Dashboard2020-12-16T15:47:58-05:00

Washington Vehicle Fleet Inventory


As part of Atlas's 2020 study for the Washington State Legislature Joint Transportation Committee on public vehicle electrification, our project team compiled an inventory of all public vehicles on the road in the state. Led by the Washington State University Energy Program, this activity was a comprehensive data collection effort that spanned several months [...]

Washington Vehicle Fleet Inventory2020-12-02T21:32:01-05:00
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