EV Shared Mobility Research


Atlas is leading a project along with the City of Seattle that brings together the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficient Mobility Systems program and major industry stakeholders with the cities of Seattle, New York, Portland, and Denver to test different electric, shared mobility interventions. Below are three pieces of research Atlas created to [...]

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Lessons Learned from BlueIndy


Background BlueIndy, launched in Indianapolis in September 2015, is the largest electric car sharing service in the United States. The BlueIndy service aims to provide its users with convenient access to an environmentally-friendly car that is less expensive than owning a vehicle. As of September 2016, BlueIndy had 240 vehicles with 80 charging [...]

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EV Shared-Use Mobility Program


Shared-use mobility services (ride-hailing and carsharing) increase access to flexible, personal vehicle alternatives. With ride-hailing services, the user is a passenger in a hired vehicle, primarily for one-way trips. For carsharing, the user has access to a fleet of vehicles to drive for a one-way trip or roundtrip, depending on the service’s business model [...]

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Transportation Electrification Toolkit for Connecticut


The Transportation Electrification Toolkit helps Connecticut municipalities develop strategies to encourage transportation electrification through the pairing of electric vehicles and residential solar photovoltaic systems and electric shared-use mobility solutions. The toolkit consists of summaries of each transportation electrification concept, a case study of the concept from outside Connecticut, and potential approaches to deploy the [...]

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