EValuateNY demonstrates the value of using data to gain insights into the effectiveness of public policies and activities. Working with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Atlas uses EValuateNY to better understand the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market throughout New York.

EValuateNY is a unique approach to policy analysis, using readily available software, Microsoft Power BI and Excel. The tool assembles several categories of information related to the electric vehicle market and equips users with the ability to gain insights and create compelling visuals quickly. The tool is also designed to be easily updateable, so its value is growing over time.

You can explore EValuateNY directly in your web browser or download the complete source files from NYSERDA’s website.

As part of our work with NYSERDA on EValuateNY, we’ve conducted original research using the data from EValuateNY and other data collected by Atlas and/or provided to Atlas by NYSERDA. Below are links to the relevant research papers.

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