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Atlas Public Policy’s mission is to equip businesses and policymakers to make strategic, informed decisions through the greater use of technology that aggregates publicly available information. Atlas arms our audience with the information necessary to encourage the use of new technologies and products along with changes in consumer behavior.

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Insights from the EV Market in 2016

At Atlas, we track markets from all sides—product sales, consumer sentiment, public policy, and the media—which gives us a comprehensive look at what's going on. Here, we’ll go through our key takeaways from the [...]

Electric Vehicles in the DC Metro Region

Atlas Public Policy was asked to present our views on the electric vehicle in the Washington metro region. The meeting was convened by Washington Advanced Energy, which aims to bring together key stakeholders in Washington who are committed to developing and delivering win/win solutions for the regions evolving energy needs.

The Data-Driven Policymaker

The White House and U.S. Department of Energy brought together experts, charging station providers, cities and states, automakers, and the software-development and data-analysis communities to hold a datathon on electric vehicles. Atlas spoke about its work with public agencies on using a data-driven approach to policy development and program evaluation.

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