Business Models

Cost and Usage Trends for Electric Vehicle Chargers: Evidence from NYSERDA-Funded Level 2 Charging Stations in New York State

2022-11-27T14:03:28-05:00December, 2021|

This report analyzes cost and usage data at Level 2 chargers using data from stations funded by the Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2301 demonstration project (2012–2016) and Charge Ready ...

EV Hub

2022-04-11T16:38:38-04:00September, 2021|

The Atlas EV Hub is an online platform to equip all stakeholders with actionable information on the EV market. The objective of EV Hub is to bring a data-driven ...

Assessing the Business Case for Hosting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in New York State

2021-09-27T22:32:02-04:00September, 2019|

As the electric vehicle (EV) market grows, so does the demand for public charging stations. Public charging infrastructure expansion is limited by high upfront costs of equipment and installation, uncertain ...