As the passenger electric vehicle market grows in the United States, public charging infrastructure has not kept pace, and this gap is expected to grow as EV prices drop and vehicles sales expand into new markets. Retailers are uniquely positioned to shrink the existing public charging infrastructure gap by installing EV charging stations at their store locations. Hosting an EV charging station offers a range of potential benefits for retailers, including direct revenue from charging station use, increased sales, and improved corporate branding. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, David Gardiner and Associates, Atlas Public Policy, and the Retail Industry Leaders Association are investigating the business models in the current market that are or could be used to make installation of charging infrastructure economically feasible for retail locations. This brief by Atlas Public Policy examines common business models employed by charging service providers and provides analysis that explores potential financial scenarios for charging infrastructure hosts.

Published On: April, 2020 / Categories: Publications / Tags: , /

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