Smart Columbus has made significant progress against its objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by electrifying the transportation sector; a key goal of the Smart City Challenge. Among its five electrification priorities, Columbus is committed to introducing 300 electric vehicles (EVs) into public fleets, with the City of Columbus committed to procuring 200 of them by the end of the Smart City Challenge grant period. For its first procurement, the City of Columbus acquired 93 EVs: 72 Nissan LEAF EVs, one Chevrolet Bolt EV, and 20 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids. In addition to the vehicle procurement, the City intends to deploy Level 2 charging infrastructure in three locations for exclusive use of the EV fleet vehicles. This case details the process of creating and implementing the EV procurement.

Published On: February, 2018 / Categories: Case Studies / Tags: , , , /

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